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Every material Earth is composed of atoms, and electrons rotating around a nucleus made up of protons and neutrons. Some atoms are stable while others are unstable.
To reach a stable state, it removes its own protons, neutrons, and electrons by itself, a process called radioactive decay.
In other words, radioactive decay can be defined as the spontaneous radiation emission of unstable atoms. The ray produced by radioactive decay is called radiation. Radiation includes alpha-, beta-, gamma-, neutron- and X-ray used for patient diagnosis.

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Characteristics of radiation

방사선의 특성 이미지 방사선의 특성 이미지
  • The closer the ray approaches the radiation source, the stronger the intensity of the radiation is.
  • Radiation exposure affects human body but does not pollute it.
    Contamination is caused by the ingress or contact of radioactive materials into the body.
  • The intensity of the radiation source decreases over time.
  • A significant part of the radiation can be blocked by using a suitable shielding material.
  • The intensity and effect of radiation vary depending on the nuclide.

Danger of Radiation

When the human body is exposed to radiation, it can damage DNA (e.g.cancer, infertility, birth defects) through physical and chemical reactions.
Depending on the degree of damage, the effect on the human health may vary.

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Effect on the human according to radiation dose

Effect on the human according to radiation dose - table
Radiation dose(mSv) Body symptoms
100 Causes serious cancer to the body
More than 150 Temporary infertility
More than 250 Fetal deformities (14-18 days after pregnancy)
More than 500 Leukopenia
More than 1,500 Radiation sickness
More than 4,000 50% die from disorder of hematopoietic system within 30 days
More than 5,000 Hair Loss
More than 7,000 100% die within 2~3 weeks

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